22 de July, 2022

PSE Award “Best ISEG Spatial Econometrics Student” – 2021/2022

The PSE “Best Student of ISEG Spatial Econometrics” was awarded for the academic year 2021/2022.   This award is given for the 4th consecutive year to […]
7 de August, 2020

PSE Award “Best ISEG Space Econometrics Student” – 2019/2020

The second edition of the PSE Prize “Best ISEG Space Econometrics Student” was awarded.   This award distinguishes the best student of space econometrics at ISEG […]
17 de March, 2020

Delivery of Escolha de Excellentia Awards

On February 23rd, the Escolha de Excellentia Awards were presented. This initiative was developed by PSE and ConsumerChoice. It aims to reward and distinguish companies that, […]
27 de August, 2019

“Escolha de Excellentia” Award

NATIONAL PERFORMANCE INDEX AND CUSTOMER CENTRIC MANAGEMENT PSE + CONSUMERCHOICE How It Arises Evolution “Escolha de Excellentia” is a natural evolution of the “Escolha do Consumidor […]