12 de October, 2022

CRISP-DM Methodology

All Data Mining processes are much more effective if they are done in a planned and systematic way. This is where the importance of the CRISP-DM […]
6 de September, 2022

PSE team participates in Datathon

The Portugal Football Datathon 2022 will take place from the 16th to the 18th of September. The main objective of this competition is to discuss football-related […]
6 de September, 2022

The importance of data analysis in the development of consumer-centric processes

The natural evolution of competition in general market and in some businesses in particular, the notion of the importance of increasingly satisfying customer needs and the […]
6 de July, 2022

PSE celebrates partnership with UAV-ART project

The UAV-ART project, belonging to AeroTéc (Núcleo de Estudantes de Engenharia Aeroespacial do Técnico), aims to create a model aircraft with the ability to navigate autonomously […]
9 de November, 2020

PSE and RUTIS sign Partnership Protocol

PSE and RUTIS come together in a Partnership to develop a scientific investigation of the senior population.   The partnership protocol aims to develop scientific research […]
16 de March, 2020


In order to help contain the spread of Covid-19, PSE will be teleworking from the 17th of March. All our services and activities remain fully operational. […]
17 de September, 2019

New PSE Image

  With 25 years, we reinforced our positioning and introduced the new visual identity In the year we celebrate 25 years of activity and are about […]