Industry: Problem solving through Analytical Intelligence

The last few years have been difficult and unstable at various levels, which makes the evolution of companies complicated. We have gone through a pandemic, a war is taking place in Ukraine, and economic improvements are not ahead, quite the opposite.

The Industrial sector is being one of the most affected. There are a lot of delays in the supply chain and several companies do not sell because they do not have materials to fulfill customer orders, or because customers are dissatisfied with order delays.

For these companies, data analysis can be crucial as it allows them to become more adaptable to the context they are experiencing, and allows them to act in real-time based on the information they have available.


For example:

– Through data collected in customer files and purchase history, companies can predict when a customer will place a certain order so that, at the time of the order, they have stock of the product (ordering from the supplier well in advance).

– For customers who are in a hurry to receive a certain product and who value the most is the delivery time, companies can suggest alternative products that arrive faster or that they have in stock. When we talk about products that cannot be ordered from the supplier in advance or new orders from their customers.

– Reduction of failures in the production chain through predictive analysis techniques, allowing the identification and timely action on the causes of failures.


Knowing the customer is central and the best way to do that is through data analysis. So you can offer the best solutions and predict scenarios based on predictive analytics.

The incorporation of predictive intelligence into business processes through problem solving using software and advanced analysis techniques allows for better knowledge of customers, the market and greater efficiency in production and management decision making.

For a sector that has difficulties in keeping business processes the same as in recent years, it is important to have a data analysis component in its strategy to achieve a balance between cost reduction and the availability of company assets.

Through Insights taken from the data, companies can automate industrial processes and prevent failures. Reducing the difficulties that companies have and allowing resources to be focused on other themes central to business success.