New PSE Image


With 25 years, we reinforced our positioning and introduced the new visual identity

In the year we celebrate 25 years of activity and are about to present several unique solutions and projects in Portugal, we present a new visual identity as a way to reinforce our positioning in the market.
PSE now has a new logo, a new signature – Your data specialists – and a new website.

With 25 years, PSE is proud of its history, but above all has great confidence in the future. The new visual identity reinforces our DNA of innovation and disruption that we have throughout our history.

The new visual identity was developed by Makeadream, responsible for projects at Adidas, Altice, Continental, Cunha Vaz e Associados, Laboratórios Boiron, Mercer,  Nova Expressão, among others. “PSE has been collecting and analyzing data for 25 years and data, as we know, is increasingly mobile, fast and in large quantities. It has become obvious to us that the new image of the company should represent this new reality of data. In fact, we want the new logo wherever possible to be alive and not static, ”says Pedro Palrão, CEO of Makeadream. “We chose to keep the colors that the market already identifies with the company, but we have changed the typography and bet on circular rather than square shapes that reflect this dynamic and mobile world of data. We believe that, like the company, this new identity passes the PSE values ​​of structure, seriousness, trust and boldness, ”he concludes.

PSE is currently co-creator and promoter of the “Escolha de Excellentia” award, which evaluates and rewards the best in the market, in terms of customer-oriented management; created with ISEG a program that will allow to train, for the first time in Portugal, specialists in space econometrics among various projects that place the PSE as a central piece in the study of mobility in Portugal.