The importance of predictive analytics in the daily management of companies



The application of predictive analysis in decision-making processes is an important source of competitive advantages, which allows the differentiation and prominence of companies.

Companies that use predictive analytics in their decision-making processes have better results and differentiate themselves from their competition. This is because they base their activity on real data and the insights extracted from it.

Predictive analytics is not just important for achieving strategic objectives, but as a support at any level of decision that influences the evolution and development of organizations. It allows management bodies to improve their decisions on the way forward and the allocation of necessary resources with a view to greater effectiveness.


Did you know that acquiring a customer has a much higher cost than retaining current ones?

The relationship with customers is a central factor for the success of organizations. Therefore, knowing how to manage this relationship based on data is very important. In addition to saving and being more efficient in the retention processes, it allows you to know how to coordinate and develop retention campaigns according to the needs of your customers.

Interactions with customers must be personalized rather than generic, for this you need to know your customer and learn to communicate individually. Predictive analysis provides companies with decision support tools that, based on existing information about customers and their behavior, allow them to individualize messages and offers and meet their customers’ expectations.


For data to deliver value, business decisions must be based on the insights drawn from it.

A major challenge for organizations is to bring analytics into operational processes. Companies have already realized the importance of monetizing data, but they still don’t know how to convert it into business value.

IBM SPSS is the market leading predictive analysis and Data Science software that, through automatisms, prepares and models data and allows the implementation of predictive models in companies’ operational processes.

The way to present the insights obtained through predictive analytics is crucial. They must be presented in the form of models, graphical visualizations or values ​​and probabilities that allow their easy understanding in order to be used to improve decisions and, therefore, to incorporate these inputs into operating systems, often in real time.



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