12 de October, 2022

Industry: Problem solving through Analytical Intelligence

The last few years have been difficult and unstable at various levels, which makes the evolution of companies complicated. We have gone through a pandemic, a […]
12 de October, 2022

The importance of predictive analytics in the daily management of companies

    The application of predictive analysis in decision-making processes is an important source of competitive advantages, which allows the differentiation and prominence of companies. Companies […]
12 de October, 2022

CRISP-DM Methodology

All Data Mining processes are much more effective if they are done in a planned and systematic way. This is where the importance of the CRISP-DM […]
6 de September, 2022

PSE team participates in Datathon

The Portugal Football Datathon 2022 will take place from the 16th to the 18th of September. The main objective of this competition is to discuss football-related […]
6 de September, 2022

The importance of data analysis in the development of consumer-centric processes

The natural evolution of competition in general market and in some businesses in particular, the notion of the importance of increasingly satisfying customer needs and the […]
10 de August, 2022

Algarve remains the main holiday destination in July

57% of PortoMA and LisbonMA residents who went on vacation in July went to Algarve   Although August is traditionally the main holiday month for Portugueses, […]
22 de July, 2022

PSE Award “Best ISEG Spatial Econometrics Student” – 2021/2022

The PSE “Best Student of ISEG Spatial Econometrics” was awarded for the academic year 2021/2022.   This award is given for the 4th consecutive year to […]
20 de July, 2022

Do you know which customers are most at risk of losing?

The market is increasingly competitive, there are more companies in the various business areas, therefore, companies have more and more competition. Attracting and retaining customers always […]
7 de July, 2022

Outdoor audience is now (almost) free for agencies

There are now three ways to access and analyze the data.   As of this month, access to outdoor advertising audience information will be much more […]